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What if you could go back in time for 10 seconds, record what just happened and share that memory with your friends? With the Roader Time Machine Camera you go back in time so you will never miss a moment. So the next time you see an UFO, you are not too late to capture it and prove it to your friends.

Roader makes it easy to capture otherwise missed moments. With the App it is very easy to share your memory to the Roader Channel and your Social Networks.

Most videos shot by regular or action cameras are boring and too long for sharing or it takes too much hassle to find the right moment. Inspired by falling meteorites and being too late to capture the image, the Roader design team created the solution only to record the most interesting moments, even of the past.

For more background information on Roader, our team, content or materials please send us an email: info@roader.com or call +31-653-885500

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